How many tips are posted each day?

Our Tipsters post between 1 and 3 tips per day

When are tips posted?

All Premium Tips will be posted by 12pm each day, and we may post extra info in the evening.

What can I post in each group?

HPE TIPS – ADMINS ONLY (you will not be able to post)

HPE CHAT-You can chat with the team and members

How does the points system work?

At HPE Racing Advice we use one of the most efficient plans to ensure risk management, and most importantly, points that make more points! This is called a ‘points’ system.

Our points system works by giving you a total ‘bank’ of 100 points to start using to bet with. Think of it as a sum of money you’re investing into a business, and what you could use as a lump sum given your financial situation.

Our points system uses 1-3 points per selection. So, if we have 1 point on a horse that wins 5/1 we gain 6 points on our points bank giving us a 106 bank. 5 x the 1 point and a return of that point for the win.

For example, if you were using a bank of £100. The easiest way to think of a point is to think of it as 1% of your total bank, so to find your point value just divide your bank by 100. In this case, 1% of £100 is £1 – thus giving us a point value of just that.

How do each-way points work?

The next part that often confuses new members is when a point stake is advised each way. For example, 0.5pt EW. No need to panic, as all you do is split your point value in half from 1 > 0.5 and select each way. In this case it could be 0.5 points EW on a 5/1 horse that’s wins giving you a total of 4 points return. 0.5 x 4 for 2 points plus 1-point stake back to give you 3 points and 1/5 of the total value of 5 for the 4 points return.

I want to cancel my subscription

We’re sorry to lose you, but if you do want to leave, doing so is different depending on what device you use to access HPE, see below for how to do this.

If you signed up to HPE via PayPal please log into your PayPal account and head to your subscriptions/recurring payments.

Find the HPE recurring payment and press ‘cancel’, your subscription to the HPE app will remain valid until your current month runs out.