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We are the first of our kind within the industry and pioneers in the field of providing horse racing tips. We saw that other services were not providing an all-round service, so we built HPE.

HPE is built around a community providing horse racing tips, and thrives because of this. In HPE we have fun and of course keep those points adding up. We knew by combining racing specialists and likeminded people that we had created something ground-breaking. We deliver the best horse racing tips in the most effective service possible.

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Points System

At HPE we use one of the most efficient plans to ensure risk management, and most important points that mean more points! This is called a ‘points’ system.

Our points system works by giving you a total ‘bank’ of 100 points to start using to bet with. Think of it as a sum of money you’re investing into a business, and what you could use as a lump sum given your financial situation.

Our points system uses 1-3 points per selection. So if we have 1 point on a horse that wins at 5/1, we gain 6 points on our total bank giving us a bank of 106 points. 5 x the 1 point and the return of the point staked

Each-Way Points

The next part that often confuses new member is when a point stake is advised each-way. For example; 0.5pt EW. No need to panic, all you do is split your point value in half from 1 to 0.5 and select each way. In this case it could be 0.5 points EW on a 5/1 horse that wins giving you a total of 4 points return. 0.5 x 4 for 2 points return plus the 1 point stake returned to give you 3 points, and 1/5 of the total value of 5 for the 4 points return.

Points-Bank Example

For example, if you were using a bank of £100. The easiest way to think of a point is to think of it as 1% of your total bank, so to find your point value just divide your bank value by 100. In this case, 1% of £100 is £1 – thus giving a point value of just that.

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